Movers and Moving Truck

Two (2)  movers and fully-equipped moving truck, with all the moving pads, dollies and use of wardrobe boxes for the day of the move for $90.00 per hour (three hour minimum), no extra charge for weekends or holidays.  If you want three (3) movers and a fully-equipped truck the low rate is $120..00 per/hour (two hour minimum).  Additional movers are available at the rate of $40.00/mover/hour.  We only accept cash (no checks or credit cards). Double Drive time does apply.

Load/Unload Your Truck

We will load/unload your truck with two movers for $80.00 per hour (three hour minimum). This price does not include moving pads or boxes. Additional movers can be added for an additional charge.  We only accept cash (no checks or credit cards).


We can provide packing for you at the rate of $40.00 per packer/hour. All packing materials can be provided at an additional cost.  Minimum hours do apply.  We only accept cash (no checks or credit cards).


We can provide a FREE written estimate. All written estimates include a "not to exceed price". Call (858) 535-1911 today to schedule your FREE written estimate.